Polyaxon CLI is a tool and a client to interact with Polyaxon, it allows you to manage your cluster, users, projects, and experiments.


To install Polyaxon CLI please refer to the installation documentation.


To get help from The Polyaxon CLI, you can run the following

$ polyaxon --help

To get help for any Polyaxon CLI Command, you can run the following

$ polyaxon command --help

Commands References


When using the Polyaxon CLI to run a command requiring a project, group, experiment, and/or a job, you can always specify the values for these options, example:

  • $ polyaxon project --project=user_1/project_10 get
  • $ polyaxon experiment --project=user_1/project_10 --experiment=2 get
  • $ polyaxon experiment --project=user_1/project_10 --experiment=3 --job=2 logs
  • $ polyaxon group --project=user_1/project_10 --group=2 experiments

Polyaxon CLI allows also you to omit these options, i.e. project, experiment group, experiment, and job, the CLI does the following:

  1. When a username is missing, the username of the logged-in user is used.
  2. When a project name is missing, the name of the currently initialized project is used.
  3. When an experiment group, experiment, or job is missing, the last value is used.
  4. If no values are found, the CLI will show an error.

Some commands with caching:

  • $ polyaxon project get
  • $ polyaxon experiment get
  • $ polyaxon group experiments
  • $ polyaxon job logs
  • ...

Switching context

Users don't have to change to a new project to access information about that project, and its jobs, builds, experiments, groups, tensorboards, and notebooks.

All commands allow to change the project context by providing -p project or --project=project.

If you are an admin you can as well check other users projects without initializing the projects, -p user/project or --project=user/project.

Here are some examples:

  • Getting other projects experiments:

    • polyaxon project -p mnist experiments -s "-created_at"
    • polyaxon project --project=adam/mnist experiments -q "status: failed"
  • Getting tensorboards for some projects:

    • polyaxon project --project=mnist tensorboards --sort="-created_at"
    • polyaxon project -p adam/mnist tensorboards --query="status: running"
  • Getting information about a specific experiment:

    • polyaxon experiment -p mnist -xp 13 get
    • polyaxon experiment -p adam/mnist --experiment=13 get
  • Getting information about a specific build:

    • polyaxon build -p mnist -b 113 get
    • polyaxon build -p adam/mnist --build=13 get